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Our Needs

Artist: Angel Valdez

1. Deodorant for men (we have 8 new men a day), toothbrushes, shampoo for women (not sample size), razors

2. Blankets, sleeping bags

3.Tennis shoes, t-shirts, jeans for men (size 28 to 34 waist);  jeans for women. New baby clothes. We cannot accept random clothing.

4. Cooking oil, maseca.

5. Back packs for men

6. Cooking pots and skillets, bowls, silverware for people starting out in an apartment.

Casa Juan Diego is receiving large numbers of new refugees and immigrants. Beds are full and overflowing. Please help if you can.

We believe in the words of Matthew 25, that it is the Lord himself who is the stranger coming for us to receive him, but committed as we are, we notice that the Lord comes in too many for us to be able to help in any adequate manner. We are just a few.
Every day Venezuelans and others arrive. Yesterday, in a 24-hour period, 16 men arrived. We have no more room for families. The latest family came last night, soaking wet from the rain – two mothers with children, one a baby who was crying, and two grandmothers. We used to have a good supply of blankets to offer people who have to stay on the street, but they are all gone now. Each day we are beyond our bed capacity. We were refusing people because we were too full, but they beg for floor space to get out of the wet. We are limiting the stay of new men to 14 days so that we are not completely overwhelmed. We are buying plane tickets for people to travel to other cities if they have contacts anywhere.
Because of the Food Bank, we are not short of food for the guests, but we have 100 people to prepare meals for. And hundreds, if not a thousand come every week to receive groceries to take home, many of them new immigrants who are just getting started. We could never manage the food distribution if it were not for our guests helping every day.
We are getting calls and emails from San Antonio, Del Rio, Eagle Pass, California, Arizona, also from the Border Patrol and ICE, all needing a place for people to stay. In the meantime, many others just show up at the door.
Please pray for more Catholic Workers to come and join us.