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Migrations #1 In Memoriam José Angel Alfano Solana

by Angel Valdez

We crossed over the border
I won’t say how
and what can I say of
freezing desert nights
black sky blazing stars
then searing, burning sun
tearing into flesh
relentless, relentless
the walking, and fear
then……..running, running
as sand clouds appear
against the far sky
running, running—-and then
I lost you and Juan and
the girl running, running
and falling face down
breathing sand and
dreaming, dreaming of
naranjas and
water, rain falling and
phantoms unfurling like giant
sails across the desert floor
and the pounding, pounding
of ocean waves in my ears
and then…..the face, the face
of El Señor

Houston Catholic Worker, April-June 2017, Vol. XXXVI, No. 2.