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My Preferential Option for the Migrant; Conversion Through Grace and Encounter

        I once read that the most effective reflections on the Gospel are not necessarily those which are pronounced from the pulpit or are shared by a scholar or theologian. Instead, many times it is the Christians who preach with their lives consecrated to the Gospel, who pray and actively work on the construction of the reign of God here on the earth, preaching with the example of charity, with sacrifice, and a non-transactional love for the other, give glory to God with a mercy that has the ... continue reading

New Immigration Policy Gives Status to Spouses and Children of U.S. Citizens And Helps Dreamers

Keeping American Families Together Program President Biden announced on June 17, 2024 a program to ensure that U.S. citizens with noncitizen spouses and children can keep their families together. This new process will help noncitizen spouses and children apply for lawful permanent residence – status that they are already eligible for – without leaving the country. In order to be eligible, noncitizens must – as of June 17, 2024 – have resided in the United States for 10 or more years ... continue reading

Reconstructing the Social Order Through the Works of Mercy in an Age of Migration: Reflections from the Houston Catholic Worker

“You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not acquit anyone who misuses his name,” Exodus 20:7. To “misuse” God’s name is to appropriate his name to justify self-interest, violence, murder….. (La Civiltá Cattolica)  The fabric of our social order is being harmed and even destroyed today by the following of false gods. This includes the misuse of the Lord’s name in overt expressions of hostility towards groups in our society (especially migrants and ... continue reading

Only Say the Word and I Shall be Healed: Reflections from Casa Juan Diego

Grace came to the Houston Catholic Worker last summer after her graduation from the Catholic University of America. Her fluency in the French language has been a real gift for a number of our guests.   In the middle of this past Lenten season, I went on retreat. A priest and spiritual director recommended that I make the Gospel of Mark an integral part of my Easter preparations. I then began to read one chapter of Mark’s gospel every day, and what I discovered there ... continue reading

Our Needs

Pillows School supplies, backpacks Duffel Bags Flip flops for men and women Jeans for men, size 28-34 waist Underwear for women, low-cut Tennis shoes for men, women, and children Twin-size sheets, blankets Skillets, cooking pot with lid for people setting up an apartment Become a full-time Catholic Worker, Room and board and health insurance provided. Married couples welcome. Pray for us and our guests. ... continue reading

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