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The Children of Casa Juan Diego in Houston

As we prepare for Christmas, I find myself rejoicing at all the new babies and children that have found refuge at Casa Juan Diego. At times, we have relatively few children, but then immigration authorities will deliver so many that we have almost more than we can handle. Because the work of our house is 24/7 and people arrive around the clock, new families are always arriving, new pregnant women and new children are in constant motion around the common living areas, and it takes a little time ... continue reading

Our Needs at Casa Juan Diego

When you get a new phone, give Casa Juan Diego your older smart phone. Hooded sweatshirts for men Jackets Tennis shoes for men, women, and children Flat shoes for women for work Blankets Twin-size sheets Pillows Can openers, skillets, cooking pot with lid for people setting up an apartment Back Packs for men and duffel bags Sports bras for women, small and medium Underwear – low-cut size small, medium and large for women. Deodorant Shampoo, conditioner, ... continue reading

Casa Juan Diego in Houston, Saint Juan Diego, and a New Life in Christ

Two years ago, God blessed me with the opportunity to be a Catholic Worker for the summer. Before arriving in Casa Juan Diego, I was not entirely sure what living there would entail, but I knew I wanted to spend my summer doing service and learning more about the Catholic faith. One of the requirements of the summer program I applied to was choosing a site close to home or a family member. Since my home is in Guadalajara, Mexico, the only other option was close to my aunt. Providentially, the ... continue reading

Advent Reflection

"You promised that you would come, and actually made good your promise. But how, O Lord, how did You come? You did it by taking a human life as Your own. You became like us in everything: born of a woman, You suffered under Pontius Pilate, were crucified, died, and were buried. And thus You took up again the very thing we wanted to discard. You began what we thought would end with Your coming: our poor human kind of life, which is sheer frailty, finiteness, and death. "Contrary to all our fond ... continue reading

“We imagine that their sufferings are one thing and our life another” – Leo Tolstoy

At our Friday evening meeting just before Pentecost, we shared with the men of Casa Juan Diego the reading from the Acts of the Apostles about the coming of the Holy Spirit. When the Apostles, filled with the Holy Spirit, began to speak in different languages, those in the large crowd from many nations heard them speaking in their own languages. A renewal of God’s hope for his people in such contrast with the Tower of Babel. We prayed that the Holy Spirit may continue to come to Casa Juan Diego ... continue reading

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