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Reconstructing the Social Order Through the Works of Mercy in an Age of Migration: Reflections from the Houston Catholic Worker

“You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not acquit anyone who misuses his name,” Exodus 20:7. To “misuse” God’s name is to appropriate his name to justify self-interest, violence, murder….. (La Civiltá Cattolica)  The fabric of our social order is being harmed and even destroyed today by the following of false gods. This includes the misuse of the Lord’s name in overt expressions of hostility towards groups in our society (especially migrants and ... continue reading

Only Say the Word and I Shall be Healed: Reflections from Casa Juan Diego

Grace came to the Houston Catholic Worker last summer after her graduation from the Catholic University of America. Her fluency in the French language has been a real gift for a number of our guests.   In the middle of this past Lenten season, I went on retreat. A priest and spiritual director recommended that I make the Gospel of Mark an integral part of my Easter preparations. I then began to read one chapter of Mark’s gospel every day, and what I discovered there ... continue reading

Our Needs at Casa Juan Diego

We really need full-time Catholic Workers this summer, or people who can help during a weekday. Functional Spanish most helpful. Please let us know at cjd.org if you can come to help for a half-day each week. Flip flops for men and women Jeans for men, size 28-34 waist Tennis shoes for men, women, and children Rice and pinto or black beans. School supplies, backpacks Duffel Bags Twin-size sheets, blankets Skillets, cooking pot with lid for people setting up an ... continue reading

The Cosmos, the Glory of God, and the Mystery of Iniquity: Reflections from the Houston Catholic Worker

The great interest in the cosmos today, from the Big Bang theory to new discoveries and wonders of science, the galaxies revealed in new telescopes, new awareness of the mysteries of the animal world, and the whole world, is inspiring people to celebrate the wonders of the universe. Along with these awe-inspiring discoveries is a renewed interest in cosmology - a branch of metaphysics and astronomy that deals with the nature and origin of the universe. The threats to our physical world, the ... continue reading

From Union Square to Rome at Eighty-Five: New Foreward by Pope Francis to Dorothy’s Book

 Preservation of the Faith Press published Dorothy Day’s From Union Square to Rome on November 26, 1938, about eighty-five years from Orbis Books’ release of a new edition with a Foreword by Pope Francis.  In August 2023, the Vatican Press published an Italian translation with Pope Francis’s original Italian Foreword. As with many authors, Dorothy was unhappy with her editor’s choice for the book’s original title.  She felt it portrayed her conversion to Catholicism as too dramatic a break with ... continue reading

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