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God Blesses Casa Juan Diego With New Baby

Celia came to us from the Bruderhof to join in our Works of Mercy at Casa Juan Diego. As of Tuesday, January 10, there is a new member at Casa Juan Diego. She weighs six pounds but is steadily gaining, has beautiful black hair and perfect little fingers and toes. Cristina’s arrival at Casa Juan… continue reading

“If We Had Any Guts We’d Start a Catholic Worker House”: Reflections at the Vigil Service for Mark Zwick

   We are here to celebrate the life of Mark Zwick and his remarkable example of servant leadership.  Mark laid the foundation for Casa Juan Diego which has fed and sheltered tens of thousands of people over the last 36 years.  He founded a newspaper and with his wife Louise coauthored books illuminating the pilgrimage… continue reading

Sick and Injured Immigrants Share Their Stories

Visiting With the Sick and Injured When people come to Casa Juan Diego for help, we hear many tragic stories, but see the beauty of families helping each other. When the sick or injured come for help, if there is family, or if they are able to live alone, we help them directly. We address the… continue reading

Cuban Guest of Casa Juan Diego Survives Journey, Most Terrible Moments

  My name is Sandra Lidia (actually not my real name) and this is my story. I was born in Amarillas, a small town in the province of Matanza in Cuba. Also, like so many Cubans, I had to live with hardships and limitations of every kind, with dreams that at the moment seemed impossible…. continue reading

Receiving Mothers and Children Traumatized by Border Experience

This summer, there has been an unprecedented increase in the numbers of women with children and unaccompanied minors entering the U.S. from Central and South America. At Casa Juan Diego, we are often asked how this change has affected us. Although we are not able to house children traveling alone, we do accept mothers with… continue reading

Doorkeeper For The Lord: ND Student Meets God In the Poor

Cristina is a student at the University of Notre Dame, She spent eight weeks this summer living and working at Casa Juan Diego. “What image comes to mind when you hear the word ‘God’?” Upon reading this reflection prompt I first thought it seemed incredibly simple. Growing up I often pictured God similar to Michelangelo’s… continue reading

Feeding the Hungry and Caring for the Sick at Casa Juan Diego

It was the last day of the month. We knew it was going to be a busy morning, but it exceeded our expectations. We have all gotten to know the persons whom we have been helping for some time now who are very sick or have injuries that make it impossible for them to work…. continue reading

A Salvadoran Woman’s Journey: Looking for the Land of Promise

In El Salvador I had a house. I asked for a loan from a lender in order to buy a stand at the market and the merchandise that I was going to sell. The lender asked for the title to the house in exchange for the money. When I repaid him, he would return the… continue reading

Crossing from Guatemala to Casa Juan Diego With Much Faith

By an Immigrant Woman From Guatemala Many, like us, day by day see the great need to immigrate to the United States. There are many reasons. We want to better our quality of life for our families and ourselves. We want our children to have a profession, and we want to offer them what perhaps… continue reading

A Devastating Journey North for a Migrant from Honduras to the United States

I left Honduras with a plan of arriving in the United States.  When I got to Guatemala, that same day I crossed Guatemala, arriving at the border with Mexico. I crossed the river in a large inner tube of a tire of a tractor or car. After crossing the river, I arrived in Tapachula, Chiapas,… continue reading