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Casa Juan Diego – Introductory Video

See an introduction to Casa Juan Diego here:

How To Locate An Immigrant in Detention

If you are trying to locate an immigrant or refugee in detention, the government has provided a site to assist. The address is https://locator.ice.gov/odls/#/index. You will need to put in the first and last name, the country of  origin, and either the A# or the birth date.

How It All Began

We debated about calling the new/old section in the Archives, “What Were You Thinking?” or “The Early  Years” or “Our Kids Think This Is Normal?”  or “Giving It All Away” or “The Fire Years,” or “Youthful Energy,” but we chose “How It All Began.” In 1980 something very profound was happening in our community. Homeless refugees… continue reading

Join the Guild for the Canonization of Dorothy Day!

               In order to assist the process of canonization, a Dorothy Day Guild has been established. Its purpose is to spread the word of her life work, and sanctity; to identify the growing devotion for Dorothy Day by Catholics and non-Catholics; and to document her ability to intercede for people in need of God’s healing… continue reading