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Casa Juan Diego is always looking for help in its work. Please consider joining us and help improve the lives of immigrants and refugees in Houston. We welcome individuals and married couples without dependents.

To apply for these positions, please call (713) 869-7376 or write to info@cjd.org and tell us that you are interested!

We offer several options:

Long Term as a Catholic Worker (year+ commitment)

Catholic Workers are the core of houses. People who join in this capacity work and live in our houses for a minimum of one year, working closely with Spanish-speaking guests (and sometimes French or other languages!). The work includes providing housing, food, social services, tutoring, translating, kitchen organization, etc. It usually takes a few weeks or months for new people to become comfortable in the work, so a longer commitment allows them to become valuable contributors, mentor new people, integrate with the community and experience the full gamut of life at Casa Juan Diego. Basic Spanish is required.

In addition to a private room and meals with our guests, Catholic Workers receive a small monthly stipend, health & dental insurance, assistance traveling to/from Casa Juan Diego, mobile phone service, attending a relevant retreat and local transportation. After the first year of service, assistance with student loan repayment is available.

Short Term (two weeks to six months)

Short-term or seasonal volunteers live in our houses and do all the things that Catholic Workers do, but with more guidance. We prefer a 10 week commitment, but can accommodate others. Spanish is helpful but not required initially (other languages are welcome!). Room and meals are provided. Volunteers must pay their own travel costs to and from Houston.

Masters in Social Work (MSW) Field Practicum

Please click here for more information

Community Volunteers

We welcome people who live in the Houston area to volunteer with us on an ongoing basis. Community volunteers help with all aspects of our hospitality work, including answering the phone and door, accepting donations, cooking, accounting, supervising chores, playing games with children, and being available for anything that may come up. We request an initial time commitment of at least 4 hours a week for a minimum of three months.