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The Wedding at Casa Juan Diego

by Angel Valdez

I would like to start off by clarifying that there was no wedding here at Casa Juan Diego in the physical sense but that every day we experience the fruits of Mary’s intercession just as they did at the Wedding at Cana.

The time of Advent waiting for the celebration of the birth of Jesus leads us to reflect on Mary, his Mother, and her yes to be the Mother of the long-awaited Messiah and our mother.

As St. John recalls in the second chapter of his Gospel the importance of putting our trust in our Blessed Mother, we too should have the confidence in her that she will intercede on our behalf to her son, Our Lord. As we continue to read in this passage, we recognize that the couple at this wedding did not even know that they had run out of wine, but because Mary and Jesus had been present, Mary was able to recognize their necessity. Although Jesus responds that it is not yet his time, he listens to his mother and he provides the first of many miracles that were to come.

We can see that to receive from Mary, we must first invite her into our lives. And as we can learn from this Gospel, where Mary is, Jesus is also with her. Here at Casa Juan Diego our Blessed Mother is ever so present. Whether it be on the mural depicted on the fence or on the beautiful stained-glass window which encloses the chapel, our Mother is there watching over us. Shown even just by the name “Casa Juan Diego,” this is a home which was built upon the miracle of faith that opening our hearts to Mary can graciously bring into our lives. Juan Diego’s yes and faith in the words of our Blessed Mother parallel directly with her “yes,” which she gave to God when she agreed to be the temple who would give birth to our Messiah.

Just as the servers listened to Mary when she said to “do whatever he tells you,” so do all of the donors who so generously bring their donations through these doors. They fill our home with the best of “wine” we need to serve our guests so that they too may be satisfied. There have been too many moments to count that just as our stock of necessities had been depleted, the doorbell would ring, and once again our jugs are full to the brim.

In verse 10 we hear the astonishment of the headwaiter as he says, “Everyone serves good wine first, and then when people have drunk freely, an inferior one; but you have kept the good wine until now.” There is a call within these words to not be and act like everyone else, we are called to be different. We are called to give the best of ourselves to serve those who are in need. And as long as we remain open to the guidance of our Mother, we can remain certain that our jars will not go empty. We can walk with the assurance that we will always be replenished with the best of wine through Mary’s intercession.

The Advent and Christmas seasons are meant to fill ourselves with the gifts of faith, hope, charity, and love so that through the hardships of the year we can always be certain that we will always give the best of ourselves for others. The items which are donated have a meaning that go far beyond what they physically appear. They represent hope to those who feel lost. They represent substance, to those who have nothing to put on their table. They represent warmth to those who are cold and have nowhere to stay. Just as Jesus provided wine to the bride and groom on their very special celebration through Mary’s intercession, we too can fill our homes this Christmas season with the same love she feels for her son through the service for others.

Mary our Mother go before us to show us the way.

Houston Catholic Worker, October-December 2020, Vol. XL, No. 4.