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Our Guadalupe Truck Disappeared

In 2001, Casa Juan Diego made an investment in a new truck. A Ford F550, this was a large truck. It could seat six and had a 12-foot cargo box. It was a big investment for us.

On Friday, January 6th, 2023 we noticed it was missing. It was last seen on Wednesday that week.

When we bought the truck (again, 22 years ago) we were frequently picking up orders from the Houston Food Bank ourselves. All that changed after Harvey, as the Food Bank became too organized for us. They deliver to us for free now, which saves us a lot of work.

Uncountable bags and pallets of beans and rice, produce, and other staples were transported in this truck over the years. Furniture, appliances, hundreds of mattresses, clothing, all the belongings of our guests were moved. Building supplies, tools, you name it, this truck moved it for Casa Juan Diego. Many volunteer drivers and hundreds of hands have loaded and unloaded it.

The truck was a fixture at the corner of Lillian and Shepherd, with the prominent painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe facing Shepherd on the roll-up door.

It’s just a truck, but it feels a bit like a reliable old friend is no longer around to help. We hope that whoever took it is using it to help their family or is delivering things to those in need. We also hope they are able to find a replacement rear axle, as we were having trouble getting parts for it of late.

 Maybe in the future we’ll get another truck, but the post-Covid delivery economy helps. We have two pickup trucks of the same vintage that are running well and can get by. If we need a big truck, we can rent one. Sadly.


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