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Correspondence between Dorothy Day and the Benedictines (Virgil Michel)

February 14, 1934 Dear Miss Day: Father Busch recently told me of your request to have “Orate Frates” exchanged for “The Catholic Worker.” I have spoken to the present editor-in-chief of “Orate Fratres” and he is putting your name on the exchange list. I am sending you a new study club outline on the liturgy… continue reading

Virgil Michel, O.S.B., and the Benedictine Influence on the CW Movement: Virgil Michel, Fellow Worker in Christ

To us at the Catholic Worker, Father Virgil was a dear friend and adviser, bringing to us his tremendous strength and knowledge. He first came to visit us at our beginnings on East Fifteenth Street. he was like Peter Maurin in the friendly simple way he would come in and sit down, starting right in… continue reading

All Souls: The Day of the Dead

This month when we celebrate the feast of All Souls it is good to write about heaven as well as death. Someone is always putting a book or article in my hands that I need just at that moment, and the other night, when we gathered for Vespers in our office-library-stencil room, Mike Kovalak handed me a little book,… continue reading

Aims and Purposes of the Catholic Worker Movement

For the sake of new readers, for the sake of men on our breadlines, for the sake of the employed and unemployed, the organized and unorganized workers, and also for the sake of ourselves, we must reiterate again and again what are our aims and purposes. Together with the Works of Mercy, feeding, clothing and… continue reading