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Promoting the Canonization of Dorothy Day: Send Information On Favors Received Through Her Intercession

Membership in The Guild for Dorothy Day is a way to assist in the canonization of Dorothy Day. Lourdes Ferrer, Coordinator of the Guild, writes that “Because of our modest staff, we depend on our members not only for financial support, but also for your assistance in distributing Guild brochures, starting prayer circles and becoming prayer partners, or simply spreading the world about Dorothy’s amazing life of loving service to the poor and work for social justice.

“The Cause is currently pursuing the stage of “Blessed” (beatification) for Venerable Dorothy Day. We have received over 155 prayer requests from people around the world including the Philippines and India. And in 2009, we were pleased to make available the first Guild prayer card.”

“We all know miracles are a necessary part of the canonization process. A candidate needs two to become a saint. The first must take place after the candidate’s death and as a result of a special petition to the candidate. This first miracle is needed to reach the stage of Beatification and the title of “Blessed.” Following beatifica-tion, a second miracle is needed for canonization and the formal declaration of sainthood.

“That said, we can now talk about what drives a Cause forward: prayer. Prayer is the engine that drives the canonization process.

As Catholics, we believe that when God chooses to glorify one of His servants for sainthood, He will grant favors through his or her intercession. These favors may take many forms, such as physical or emotional healings, spiritual conversions, restoration of families, or even helping with other needs such as finding employment. What’s important to remember is that nothing is too big, or too small, for God.

“If you believe you have received a favor through the intercession of Dorothy Day, please notify The Guild so that it can be documented. We can be reached at The Guild for Dorothy Day, 1011 First Avenue, 12 th floor, New York, NY 10022 or at lourdes.ferrer@archny.org.

Houston Catholic Worker, Vol. XXX, No. 3, March-April 2010.