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What’s New Toward Dorothy Day’s Canonization

Dorothy Day

Local members of the Advisory Board of the Guild for the Canonization of Dorothy Day, Servant of God, participated in a recent meeting which brought together Guild members and supporters and revealed and involved Guild members in new practical steps toward her canonization. We participated in the meeting by vidyo technology, thanks to our son, Joachim instead of going to New York City.

Since Cardinal O’Connor opened the cause in the year 2000, there has not been too much advancement except for the unanimous endorsement of her cause by the United States Bishops’ Conference in 2012.

With this meeting, however, there was a feeling of excitement, even breathless anticipation and hope. The postulator for Dorothy’s cause, Msgr. Gregory Mustaciuolo and George Horton, Director of Catholic Charities in New York, informed members of new developments and requested input from members. Cardinal Dolan’s support for the cause was affirmed, as well as his and his commitment to communi-cate with Rome regarding it.

One of the most significant new events is that the New York Archdiocese has hired a Diocesan Phase Coordinator for Dorothy’s cause. The Diocesan phase must be completed before the Vatican begins its final studies regarding her canonization.

Jeffry Korgen, the new coordinator, was introduced at the meeting of the Guild in October. His job will include preparing an official biography, assembling authentic copies of all of Dorothy’s published and unpublished writings, and interviewing 125 eye-witnesses. There is much work to be done on the Archdiocesan phase, and the work must be guided by a canon lawyer, who will also soon be hired.

Part of Jeff’s job is to work with the Dorothy Day Guild Advisory Board for their assistance with the gathering of documentation proofs and the gathering of proofs from witnesses.

If any of our readers are aware of eyewitnesses who knew Dorothy or who had encounters with her, please contact us at info@cjd.org or 713 869-7376 so that we can forward the information to the Guild – or go directly to the web site of the Guild where information can be put in directly – at dorothydayguild.org. Go to the section To Help Support. In the drop down menu click on Give Eyewitness Accounts.


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