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Mark Zwick, Founder of Casa Juan Diego, is On Hospice

Mark Zwick with a guest of Casa Juan Diego

Update: November 18, 2016 Mark passed away this morning peacefully at home. Information about his life and the funeral services will be available in a  separate post.

Update: November 12, 2016 Mark continues to rest at his home, but is in decline. We will be updating this page with information on services.

Update: November 2, 2016  We have acquired a wheel chair with a high back so that Mark can sit in it and rest. He has gone several times in his wheel chair to our women’s house to spend time in the chapel and greet Catholic Workers and guests. Tonight the men from our men’s house helped him into his wheel chair and pushed him over several blocks for the celebration of  our community Mass at our men’s house. It meant a lot to Mark to be there, as well as to the rest of us and to the priest who has been celebrating Mass for many years at Casa Juan Diego.

Update: October 11th, 2016: Mark continues to be made comfortable at home. He is still on hospice care.

Update: Mark came home from the hospital on Friday, September 3.

Update: Mark has been in the hospital since Friday, August 26th, with wounds that became abscessed and pneumonia. He is expected to return home at the end of this week, but that is dependent on his condition.

Mark Zwick, the founder of Casa Juan Diego, has suffered from Parkinsons for a number of years. He is now bed bound and on hospice at home.

We greatly appreciate all the prayers and messages.

Please keep Mark and all of us in your prayers and check this site for information on his health.