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Christmas Letter 2016

Mark Zwick
December 22, 1927 – November 18, 2016

Dear Friends of Casa Juan Diego,

Casa Juan Diego exists because Christmas exists.

Without people who celebrate Christmas each year – and some each month – Casa Juan Diego would be incapable of so many Works of Mercy.

Works of Mercy

Our biggest works of mercy remain hospitality and care for the sick and injured. Some nights over 100 people are given “room in the inn” in the various houses of Casa Juan Diego.

We serve battered women and the sick and injured who have no place to go. They are welcomed with their bruises and sometimes their broken jaws and arms or broken heads and stab wounds, but above all are welcomed with their bruised and broken hearts which heal ever so slowly.

A steady stream of people: homeless immigrant women, children, men and young people come to Casa Juan Diego from the streets, hospitals, churches, social agencies and bus stations with their problems, needs, hurts and injuries, but al human beings desperate for help and hospitality.

Several hundred thousand meals are provided to hungry Houstonians at Casa Juan Diego and Casa Maria each year, and many others are served in our medical clinics, thanks to generous medical people who believe in voluntary poverty.

We need not express regret that we did not live in the time of Jesus, so that we could have found a room for the Christ child. Baby Jesus and his Mother frequently come to Casa Juan Diego in the guise of the poor

From One Beggar to Another

We are writing not to brag, but to beg. We need you in order to celebrate Christmas again.

We apologize and are ashamed for asking, but the sorrow and pain of the poor forces us to do so.

With your gift of financial support joined to our personal gift of service we can bridge the gap between those who have and those who have not.

All funds received go to the service of the poor. There are no salaries at Casa Juan Diego.

Christianity has been described as one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.

May all of us find the bread of life.

May Christmas peace and joy be yours.

We are grateful people.


The Zwick Family and all at Casa Juan Diego

P.S. Some are wondering how Casa Juan Diego will be able to continue without Mark’s presence. Mark was not able to be very active in the past couple of years because of his Parkinsons. Louise and many part-time volunteers as well as full-time Catholic Workers have been continuing the Works of Mercy and will continue to do so. Mark will be accompanying us in heaven.