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A Thanksgiving Letter

by Angel Valdez

Dear Friends,

If we thanked everyone as much as we should for what they have done for all the poor of Casa Juan Diego, we wouldn’t have time for anything else.

We could not survive without the constant support of people and parishes who celebrate their gratitude by their generosity each month and especially at Christmas.

We could not survive without the generous people who provide medical services or who donate their time in the many repairs and remodeling of our buildings or who help us to organize donations.

Our humble work is a bit overwhelming at times when so many come for help and our entrance is filled to overflowing with donations of things people need.

We keep going through the prayers of people who support Casa Juan Diego and the Catholic Workers who pray.

Whatever we give to the poor is not ours, whether it be food, clothing, medicine, hospitality, or assistance to the sick and the paralyzed. We are only the stewards of your generosity.    We are here to distribute what is yours and the good Lord’s and to give to the poor what is rightfully theirs, whether it is given by individuals, parishes, or the large amount of food provided by the Houston Food Bank.

When guests of our houses leave Casa Juan Diego, we do not allow them to say “Thanks for everything.” We insist (and rightly so) that it was an honor and privilege to serve them and it is we who should be grateful.

We give thanks to you for allowing us to serve the poor.

We ask your prayers that we may be a grateful people—a Thanksgiving people.

Thank you and the good Lord.

Very gratefully,

Louise and all the grateful people at Casa Juan Diego


Houston Catholic Worker, Vol. XXXVI, No. 1, January-March 2018.