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Christmas Letter 2019

by Angel Valdez

Dear Friends of Casa Juan Diego,

Thanks be to God and generous people, Casa Juan Diego has completed its 39th year.

Because of your generosity thousands of poor people have been served and many refugees and immigrants and their families have been helped. Our Houses of Hospitality have been full for many months. The food lines grow longer each winter.

Our medical clinics are busy each day, thanks to volunteer doctors and assistants, and medicines are purchased for those who cannot afford them.

Our biggest challenge now, is the sick and injured person who has no insurance, no disability, and no way of getting help. Each day we are presented with people who are seriously ill—mentally or physically, who have broken limbs or no limbs, or even more, broken heads or broken backs. Or they have been shot in the head and the back by thieves – and no one to receive them. There is an epidemic of neglect. All of these people have been abandoned by society.

Casa Juan Diego provides these services and keeps its houses going through voluntary contributions.

All money received goes to the service of the poor. There are no salaries at Casa Juan Diego.

The poor, the sick and injured who come to us for help often tell us that they pray for us. We ask them to pray also for all who help Casa Juan Diego in so many ways to do the Works of Mercy. For without you and your participation, nothing would be possible.

We ask you to remember us during Christmas time. We need your gift to continue another year.


Louise Zwick and all the Catholic Workers