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Casa Juan Diego Christmas Letter 2023

Artist: Angel Valdez

Dear Friends,

The miracle of Casa Juan Diego continues.

Our houses are full to overflowing with new refugees and their families who arrive each day. These guests have to be fed, clothed, and relocated.

We cook a lot of meals. In addition, many, many people come to our food distributions each week. We purchase quantities of pinto beans, rice, tuna, tortillas, and produce to supplement what the Houston Food Bank provides.

After a long, treacherous journey, refugees often arrive with serious health problems. The doctors in our two clinics provide services to those who have difficulty in accessing other health resources. The Harris Health System assists more complicated needs.

We continue to assist the paralyzed and very ill who cannot receive government help.

We know that the person in need who comes to our door is not just Maria Garcia or Samuel Smith, but the Lord himself present in the poor. We Catholic Workers are just a few. We cannot solve all the problems of people seeking help, but we can, with the help of our readers, provide what may seem like just a few loaves and fishes. We pray that the Lord may transform and multiply them.

Those who come to seek our aid often come from places where there is darkness and suffering.  May the light of the star of Bethlehem continue to shine upon our guests who come from afar, upon the countries from where they have started out, upon our readers and our country, and upon our world.

Your Christmas gift will go far in helping the poor of Casa Juan Diego because no monies are used for salaries or administration. It all goes directly to serve those in need.

We are very grateful for your generosity. Please keep us in prayer and help us if you can, so that we may continue for another year.

Sincerely in Christ,

Louise Zwick and all the Catholic Workers at Casa Juan Diego


Houston Catholic Worker, Vol. XLIII, No. 4, October-December 2023.