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“When I Was Hungry”:  A Reflection on Volunteering At Casa Juan Diego Men’s House

My wife, Blossom, our 2 children (at the time), and I left Houston in 2003.  In 2010, we began returning each year for one week.  These have been rich experiences, both in the privilege to encounter Christ in the poor and in the camaraderie and fellowship we share with Mark, Louise, their family and the… continue reading

His Daughter Died of Sadness. Separated From Her Father By Economics As She Lay Dying

Andy and Blossom Wright were Catholic Workers in Houston for eight years. They now live in Wisconsin and recently visited with their four children. We asked Andy’s help in getting Daniel to the bus station. “Ella se murió de tristeza.” She died of sadness. This was the analysis of Danielʼs housemate here in Houston, the… continue reading

Maria Ruiz Scaperlanda, Edith Stein: St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. Chicago: Loyola Press, 2000.

Andy Wright has been a Catholic Worker at Casa Juan Diego for six years. He is a third year medical student at Baylor University. The vocation to holiness has been and always will be a universal call. While we will never know all those who have responded to this call, as we are reminded every… continue reading

Constitution Forbids Sub-Class; Catholic Values Promote Love of Immigrants

We are to build structures and conduct our daily lives with the idea that every person is loved specially and equally by God and thus is due never to suffer affront to his human dignity. This notion is reiterated constantly by Pope John Paul II, and is especially relevant to our treatment of immigrants in… continue reading

Serving Christ in the Poor: Andrés Reyes Gonzalez, R. I. P.

This past month a fisherman passed from this earth into the hands of our merciful and just Lord. Andrés was invited to Casa Juan Diego by the Sisters of the Incarnate Word in Galveston this past September. He arrived already quite thin, ravaged by the consuming gastric cancer. His diagnosis was terminal. Still, he held… continue reading

Encyclicals Indict Greed of Companies: Mexicans not Paid Living Wage in U.S. Maquiladoras

Andrew Wright will soon be married to Blossom Mueller, fellow Catholic Worker. They will begin their family life by making the retreat which Fr. Hugo gave so often to Dorothy Day, as part of their honeymoon. As more immigrants arrive each day with the dusty, greasy clothes on their backs I am reminded of what… continue reading

Casa Don Bosco Serves Immigrant Teens

John Bosco was born August 16, 1815. From as early as nine years of age he had a sense of his vocation: to be a friend to youth and to emanate
 the Love of Christ such that many young people would want to receive
 this gracious Love. Through many trials of misunderstanding and
 political jealousies,… continue reading