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Through Hell to Hope: Migrants Trying to Reach the USA

On September 23, 2022, my husband, my daughter and I decided to undertake a journey for a better future, for a better quality of life.  We are from Venezuela, but had been living in Peru.  Everything was going well when we started out in Peru, then Ecuador.  Our nightmare began in Colombia.  We entered into… continue reading

A Tough Journey For Our Family

We left Venezuela together, having faith in God that we would arrive at our destination. The lack of basic necessities and the organized delinquency in our country obliged us to go out, fleeing, leaving behind our loved ones and a part of our lives. We were my husband, my son and I, but we were… continue reading

We Almost Didn’t Survive

By a Cuban refugee woman On the 19th of June of 2019 I left my country of birth to seek a better future for myself and my family.  On that day I set out for Guyana.  There I worked with my husband to maintain ourselves with food and housing.  Many days we slept in the… continue reading

Cuban Guest of Casa Juan Diego Survives Journey, Most Terrible Moments

  My name is Sandra Lidia (actually not my real name) and this is my story. I was born in Amarillas, a small town in the province of Matanza in Cuba. Also, like so many Cubans, I had to live with hardships and limitations of every kind, with dreams that at the moment seemed impossible…. continue reading

A Salvadoran Woman’s Journey: Looking for the Land of Promise

In El Salvador I had a house. I asked for a loan from a lender in order to buy a stand at the market and the merchandise that I was going to sell. The lender asked for the title to the house in exchange for the money. When I repaid him, he would return the… continue reading

The Story of my Journey to the United States Begins With Poverty

My story begins with the poverty in our country, El Salvador. Due to the lack of work, very low salaries and the lack of a basic food basket for the family and the debts that stack up that many times we cannot pay, I had to leave my country. I couldn’t pay for my house…. continue reading