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Catholic Peace Fellowship Revived

Long before the horror of September 11, plans for the revitalization of the Catholic Peace Fellowship, along with a meeting scheduled for November 11, were in process, led by original CPF founders Jim Forrest and Tom Cornell. Exactly two months after terrorist attacks on New York and Washington rallied a stunned and outraged country to… continue reading

NO TO PLAN COLOMBIA: Land Reform Essential for Desperate Campesinos

Once again, the first casualty of war has been the truth. Over the last two years, lost somewhere between blaring media headlines of Elian and Napster, elections and the Oscars, miniature paragraphs and news bites on the escalating crisis of Colombia’s civil war have been vainly competing for the attention of a sensation-hungry, otherwise-occupied public…. continue reading

Poor Teach Hard and Dreadful Love: A Disillusioned Catholic Worker Stays On

Marion Maendel came to Casa Juan Diego from the Bruderhof. She was baptized into the Catholic Church in March 2000. It’s another suffocating Houston night. Air, warm and thick as smoke, cloaks the city and settles in folds between the buildings on Rose Street. I sit in my second-story room in Casa Juan Diego House… continue reading

Hospitality Empowers Battered Women

Marion Maendel came to the Houston Catholic Worker from the Bruderhof movement. She lives and works in the women’s and children’s house. There is a sentiment presently circulating among social agencies and
 church organizations that hospitality is out of style. Cleverly
 advertised, innovative new counseling programs for abused and homeless women are in. Shelter is… continue reading