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Nicholas Berdyaev, Prophet for the Catholic Worker Movement Materialism Destroys the Eternal Spirit

Introduction by Mark and Louise Zwick This is the third article in a series on the saints and philosophers who influenced Peter Maurin and Dorothy Day in developing the Catholic Worker. Nicholas Berdyaev (l874-l948) was one of the great personalists and a “particular prophet” in the life of the Catholic Worker movement, one who with… continue reading

Nicholas Berdyaev, Prophet for the Catholic Worker Movement: The Bourgeois Mind

Arranged by Peter Maurin A Spiritual State l. What does the word actually mean? 2. It has remained unexplained though it has been so much used and so often misapplied. 3. Even when superficially used it is a word with a magic power of its own and its depth has to be fathomed. 4. The word designates a spiritual state, a direction of… continue reading