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The Personalist (Emmanuel Mounier)

A personalist is a go-giver, not a go-getter. He tries to give what he has, and does not try to get what the other fellow has. He tries to be good by doing good to the other fellow. He is altro-centered, not self-centered. He has a social doctrine of the common good. He spreads the social doctrine of the common good through words and deeds. He speaks… continue reading

The Economic Crisis of 2008-2009: When Bankers Rule

Easy Essay by Peter Maurin Modern society has made the bank account the standard of values. When the bank account becomes the standard of values the banker has the power. When the banker has the power the technician has to supervise the making of profits. When the banker has the power the politician has to assure law and order in the profit-making… continue reading

Easy Essays The Easy Essays of Peter Maurin Define the Catholic Worker Movement

What the Catholic Worker Believes The Catholic Worker believes in the gentle personalism of traditional Catholicism. The Catholic Worker believes in the personal obligation of looking after the needs of our brother. The Catholic Worker believes in the daily practice of the Works of Mercy. The Catholic Worker believes in Houses of Hospitality for the immediate… continue reading

Easy Essay: The Wisdom of Dostoevsky: The Monastic Way is very Different (Light from the East)

Distorted Truth Look at the worldly and all who set themselves up above the temple of God. Has not God’s image and His truth  been distorted in them? Nothing in Science They have science; but in science there is nothing but what is the object of sense. The spiritual world, the highest part of man’s being is rejected altogether, dismissed with a… continue reading