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Let Us Join Pope Francis: On Why President Obama Should Not Bomb Syria

Tom Cornell is at Peter Maurin Farm and a Deacon of the Archdiocese of New York   In his last two Sunday Angelus messages, Pope Francis condemned the use of chemical weapons in Syria and called for a peaceful resolution to the conflict that is tearing that country apart.  That riled Mark Phillips of CBS… continue reading

My Dorothy Day

Tom Cornell is a long-time Catholic Worker who worked with Dorothy Day. He is a deacon in the Archdiocese of New York. Joe Zarrella, among the first Catholic Workers, preferred her old publisher’s publicity photo from the Thirties, Dorothy in wavy shoulder-length hair. I prefer the one from the mid-Sixties, before she lost her weight,… continue reading

Call to Prayer: Reflections on September 11, 2001

Tom Cornell, Catholic Worker and Catholic deacon, writes from Peter Maurin Farm, Marlboro, New York. The following is a talk he gave at Marlboro Presbyterian Church at a prayer service on September 13, 2001. The skies have been empty over our valley these days, except for birds, geese and hawks, and they strangely few, as… continue reading

The Roots of Dorothy Day’s Pacifism:Solidarity, Compassion and a Stubborn Hold on Truth

There has been one systematic study of Dorothy Day’s pacifism and that of the Catholic Worker movement, Robert Gilliam’s “Put Up Your Sword: the Pacifism of Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker,” an excellent unpublished 180 page manuscript. It would be folly for me to trace the development of Dorothy Day’s thinking on war and… continue reading