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A Voice Crying Out In the Desert

Mark, a Catholic Worker at Casa Juan Diego, graduated from Texas A & M University. I come from a family of migrant workers. My grandparents would travel from the Texas border to Wisconsin, Montana and Wyoming during the summer months to work in the fields and work as laborers. My parents would also go up north during their high school years and would assist their families with the work. These stories always intrigued me as it was difficult to grasp in detail what this experience was like. ... continue reading


Rutilio Grande, SJ: Homilies and Writings

Book Review: Rutilio Grande, SJ: Homilies and Writings. Edited, Translated, and Annotated by Thomas M. Kelly. College-ville, Minnesota: Liturgical Press, 2015. Reviewed by Mark and Louise Zwick On February 13, 1977, Mark stood next to Rutilio Grande, the priest who would soon be assassinated, as he waited in the procession to begin Mass. It was a Mass with the rural communities of El Salvador protesting the deportation of Fr. Mario Bernal back to Colombia after working with the poor for ... continue reading

St. Lawrence, Pray for Us
        by Ade Bethune

The Poor Are the Wealth Of the Church

One of the most interesting stories of martyrdom in the early Church is that of St. Lawrence. Lawrence was a deacon in Rome in the year 258.  Pope Sixtus ll put him in charge of the treasury of the Church. Lawrence suspected that the Roman emperor would be looking for anything of value in the churches, so he sold such goods and distributed the money to the poor, the lame, the blind, to all those in need. When the emperor ordered Lawrence to surrender the treasures of the Church, Lawrence ... continue reading

Christmas All Year Long at Casa Juan Diego

As I finished my seventh Christmas season at Casa Juan Diego, I was amazed, just as I am amazed every year, by the generosity of our supporting community. The people of Houston give their money and their time open-handedly to keep our doors open and our pantry full, not just at Christmas, but throughout the year. Grateful is an inadequate word to express our feelings at these daily miracles of selfless giving. But, I have to admit; sometimes we do not show it. This work is not easy, ... continue reading

Mustard Seed - Angel Valdez

From the Inside Of the Inn Door

Shannon McPherson came to join in the work of Casa Juan Diego from the Bruderhof Community There's one character in the Christmas story who really dropped the ball. The inn keeper of Bethlehem had this incredible opportunity to show hospitality to the baby son of God, and he shut the door on him. I, however, find him a little harder to dismiss this Christmas season. As a full-time volunteer here at Casa Juan Diego, I am well-acquainted with the world of hospitality. Here, it's as proximate ... continue reading

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