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Babies in the River
   by Angel Valdez

Babies in the River – Urgent Humanitarian Situation, Part 2 – Breaking News and St. Basil

Commenting here on a breaking news story such as the children from Central America in custody at the Texas border runs the risk that the situation may have changed drastically by the time you read this. On the other hand, it is fascinating to look at current events “with a Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other,” so let’s take a look at the front pages of today’s papers and give it a try. “President Obama Seeking Nearly $4 billion to Address Immigration Crisis,” the Latino ... continue reading

by Angel Valdez

Living the Gospel At Casa Juan Diego

by Angel Valdez Angel has spent several months working and living at Casa Juan Diego before entering the seminary. I do not want to sound pretentious with this title and elevate this simple writing to the level of those hagiographers who wrote the inspired books of our Holy Scripture. I ask God to stop my pen and my heart if that is my intention. Gospel means good news or the person who carries the good news was known as Gospel too and may anyone who has ears to hear, listen. I make my own ... continue reading

The Multiplication of the Sandwiches
                  by Angel Valdez

The Nonviolent Acts of Jesus

Fr. Peláez Sanz is a priest of Diocese of Valladolid (Spain) and a member of the Movimiento Cultural Cristiano. Symbolic actions are a common patrimony of nonviolent movements. For example, the refusal of Gandhi to buy salt and his march to the sea with thousands of people and his boycott of English weaving while he made his own clothes, spinning thread on a spinning wheel, directly touches the colonial system that had changed the people of India into producers of raw materials and consumers ... continue reading

Humanitarian Crisis – Where Are the Children? Here Is A Number to Call

At Casa Juan Diego we are receiving phone calls from the families of the children who are coming alone to the United States. They ask, How can I find my children? One man asked,  How can I find my little girl who is three years old? She was separated from her aunt who accompanied her by the Immigration authorities and we have no idea where she is. Where are the children detained? They are transported all over to different centers. There is a hotline where these questions can be directed. ... continue reading

Babies in the River: “Urgent Humanitarian Situation,” Part I

President Obama recently called the explosion in the number of migrant children crossing our southern border without parents or caretakers an “urgent humanitarian situation.” Ninety thousand children this year, some as young as five years old, making a journey alone that is incredibly dangerous even for adults, many of them beaten, robbed, forced to sell their bodies, arriving in a country where they know no one and where the government’s response to their plight is in disarray – hard to ... continue reading

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