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Mark Zwick 
December 22, 1927 - November 18, 2016

Christmas Letter 2016

Dear Friends of Casa Juan Diego, Casa Juan Diego exists because Christmas exists. Without people who celebrate Christmas each year – and some each month – Casa Juan Diego would be incapable of so many Works of Mercy. Works of Mercy Our biggest works of mercy remain hospitality and care for the sick and injured. Some nights over 100 people are given “room in the inn” in the various houses of Casa Juan Diego. We serve battered women and the sick and injured who have no place to ... continue reading

Mark Zwick
December 22, 1927 - November 18,2 016


Mark Zwick, who 36 years ago turned a tumble-down building on Washington Avenue into a thriving international refuge for immigrants and refugees, died Friday at his home in Houston after battling Parkinson’s Disease. He was 88. In 1980, Mark and his wife Louise founded Casa Juan Diego, a Catholic Worker House of Hospitality where thousands of refugees escaping to Houston during the civil wars in Central America found safe harbor. In later years, Casa Juan Diego would expand to include ... continue reading

Why Are We Called Catholic Worker? On the Origins of the Catholic Worker Movement

The Houston Catholic Worker is rejected by some because of its name. Some reject it because of the word “Catholic.” Others because of the word “Worker”. Others say they would never pick up a paper with such a name. The word “Houston” is not a problem: the paper is written for the people of Texas rather than the Catholic Worker houses in other cities. Those who know our work well don’t care what we call our paper as long as we continue our work with the poor and continue to print ... continue reading

by Angel Valdez

Stepping Out Of the Boat At Casa Juan Diego

Joanna was a Catholic Worker at Casa Juan Diego last year. She has recently joined the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles. My time as an active Catholic Worker at Casa Juan Diego drew to a close in the middle of May, and I had a speech to prepare. It’s a tradition at Casa Juan Diego to give a farewell speech to our fellow Catholic Workers, and the time had come for me to give mine. As I sat down in the chapel to spend a little time contemplating what was best to say, ... continue reading

Communion: A New Easy Essay

1.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us in teaching 1397 that the Eucharist commits us to the poor. 2.  Dorothy quoted Fr. Lacouture: "If we cannot see Jesus in the poor man, we surely cannot see Him under the poverty-stricken veils of bread." 3.  In both the Mass and in sharing a meal with a poor person we are breaking bread with the living Christ. 4.  God seems tricky by hiding where the world least suspects: in bread and suffering ... continue reading

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