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The Catholic Worker Today: Q & A with Mark and Louise Zwick in America Magazine

America Magazine Sean Salai, S.J. Mark and Louise Zwick are the founding directors of Houston Catholic Worker in Texas, a local affiliate of the Catholic Worker movement founded in New York City by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin in 1933. In 1980 they rented a building where they started Casa Juan Diego mission to provide emergency food, clothing and shelter to the city's predominantly Hispanic immigrants. Casa Juan Diego now serves as the city’s Catholic Worker house ... continue reading

by Angel Valdez

Joys and Tragedies at Casa Juan Diego

“In the tender compassion of our God The dawn from on high shall break upon us To shine on those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death And to guide our feet into the way of peace.” Marisol (is tough. Not in a negative sense, but in the sense that she has survived.  She traveled in the company of a coyote (smuggler) to the U.S. as a teenager, escaping the crushing violence of her home in Central America. We asked her once if she would ever go back; she ... continue reading

by Angel Valdez

Catholic Worker Personalism And the Sick and Injured

One of the ideas at the heart of the Catholic Worker movement is communitarian personalism. Combined with the traditional living out of the Works of Mercy, Catholic Worker personalism provides a unique opportunity for serving some of the most desperate in our society – those on the peripheries, those who have no one else to help them. We begin to understand personalism when we encounter Jesus in the poor. At the Houston Catholic Worker this encounter has led to the development of Works ... continue reading

DACA, DAPA, and the poor outside our door

Since 9/11, our nation has become more and more afraid, in exact proportion to our fevered attempts to disconnect ourselves from the poor and huddled masses of the earth. The more troops we send to stamp out Evil, the more Evil seems to grow. The higher the fence at our border, the more we fear those on the other side. And it makes a kind of sense: if you disconnect yourself from others, you can no longer see that our fates are bound up together. It begins to look like it is us against them, or, ... continue reading

What’s New Toward Dorothy Day’s Canonization

Local members of the Advisory Board of the Guild for the Canonization of Dorothy Day, Servant of God, participated in a recent meeting which brought together Guild members and supporters and revealed and involved Guild members in new practical steps toward her canonization. We participated in the meeting by vidyo technology, thanks to our son, Joachim instead of going to New York City. Since Cardinal O’Connor opened the cause in the year 2000, there has not been too much advancement except ... continue reading

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