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Mark Zwick’s Acts of Faith: Shelter From the Storm

Reprinted with permission from the Houston Press, January 3, 1991 Photography by Janice Rubin   Thursday morning, Casa Juan Diego looks like a border Welcome Wagon. Nearly 100 Hispanic women crowd inside the front doors, toting young children. Their dress is shabby, but their faces are bright and smiling. The din of staccato, Spanish-speaking voices becomes one unintelligible roar. The women flock to the refugee shelter and social-services center at the corner of Rose and Durham ... continue reading

A Well-Founded Fear of Persecution: Cruel Setback for Asylum Seeker

  Every day at Casa Juan Diego we encounter a world economic system that is out of balance. On one hand, we live in one of the world’s most affluent cities in one of the world’s most affluent nations. It is hard not to notice that many people in Houston, including us Catholic Workers, have more than we need. On the other hand, we share our lives with people who have nothing or almost nothing. One of the things we share is food. We share meals with our guests living in community ... continue reading

Serving the Poor at the Casa Juan Diego Clinic: Entering the Wounds of Jesus

Holly came to Casa Juan Diego as a Catholic Worker after her graduation as a nurse from Villanova University. Being a Catholic Worker means rising every morning and, like Moses, heeding God’s call to “remove the sandals from my feet,” for truly the place where I stand is holy ground (Exodus 3:5). All day long, people bring us their stories. They open up their wounds before us; those of their bodies and the sufferings of their hearts too. By grace we begin to realize the divinity of this ... continue reading

Hurricane Harvey and Casa Juan Diego

October 7,2017 Harvey Needs Each day there has been a long line of people coming in for help after Harvey. It is nonstop for as long as we keep receiving people. In these conversations some hair raising stories come out. Food: Food needs: We need rice. Many people are still without food, especially the undocumented. When we give a bag or box of food, we are sure to put at least rice and beans along with whatever vegetables or other things we have to give. At the moment we ... continue reading

Alternatives to Economic Libertarianism: Not Just Solidarity, But Fraternity, an Economics of Inclusion

The Scriptures tell us that Jesus came to bring good news to the poor. We are grateful that so many people support our work with the poor. But as Dorothy Day said, there should not be so many poor in this world that God loves. In a milieu in which the possession of material goods and wealth status have become the landmark for respect, the poor are designated as failures or losers. Money is power and is a sign of God’s blessing instead of the Sign of the Cross! Trying to follow the Gospel ... continue reading

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