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Hurricane Harvey and Casa Juan Diego

September 23, 2017 Harvey Needs Each day there has been a long line of people coming in for help after Harvey. It is nonstop for as long as we keep receiving people. In these conversations some hair raising stories come out. In the meantime, we cannot go to the food bank because they have too many donations coming in. They have been tremendously helpful in bringing canned goods, fresh fruits and vegetables to us. We are very thankful for their help! Parishes and just ordinary people are ... continue reading

Alternatives to Economic Libertarianism: Not Just Solidarity, But Fraternity, an Economics of Inclusion

The Scriptures tell us that Jesus came to bring good news to the poor. We are grateful that so many people support our work with the poor. But as Dorothy Day said, there should not be so many poor in this world that God loves. In a milieu in which the possession of material goods and wealth status have become the landmark for respect, the poor are designated as failures or losers. Money is power and is a sign of God’s blessing instead of the Sign of the Cross! Trying to follow the ... continue reading

Migrations #1 In Memoriam José Angel Alfano Solana

We crossed over the border I won’t say how and what can I say of freezing desert nights black sky blazing stars then searing, burning sun tearing into flesh relentless, relentless the walking, and fear then……..running, running as sand clouds appear against the far sky running, running----and then I lost you and Juan and the girl running, running and falling face down breathing sand and dreaming, dreaming of naranjas and water, rain falling and phantoms unfurling ... continue reading

Three “Marks”: St. Mark the Evangelist, Mark Zwick the Worker, and the New Baby

  Julia joined us as a Catholic Worker at Casa Juan Diego after graduating from Tulane University. One day during the fall, Louise told me she was reading the Gospel of St. Luke from beginning to end during Mark Zwick's last months. I had never done this before so I thought, with someone to hold me accountable; I would follow their example. After finishing the Gospel of Luke, I was hungry to begin another so I asked Louise which one should come next. She thought perhaps the Gospel of ... continue reading

God Blesses Casa Juan Diego With New Baby

Celia came to us from the Bruderhof to join in our Works of Mercy at Casa Juan Diego. As of Tuesday, January 10, there is a new member at Casa Juan Diego. She weighs six pounds but is steadily gaining, has beautiful black hair and perfect little fingers and toes. Cristina’s arrival at Casa Juan Diego was celebrated by all the women and children who make up our unlikely community, a motley group hailing from Cuba, Central and South America and the Congo. Cristina’s mother is an ... continue reading

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