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Christmas All Year Long at Casa Juan Diego

As I finished my seventh Christmas season at Casa Juan Diego, I was amazed, just as I am amazed every year, by the generosity of our supporting community. The people of Houston give their money and their time open-handedly to keep our doors open and our pantry full, not just at Christmas, but throughout the year. Grateful is an inadequate word to express our feelings at these daily miracles of selfless giving. But, I have to admit; sometimes we do not show it. This work is not easy, ... continue reading

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From the Inside Of the Inn Door

Shannon McPherson came to join in the work of Casa Juan Diego from the Bruderhof Community There's one character in the Christmas story who really dropped the ball. The inn keeper of Bethlehem had this incredible opportunity to show hospitality to the baby son of God, and he shut the door on him. I, however, find him a little harder to dismiss this Christmas season. As a full-time volunteer here at Casa Juan Diego, I am well-acquainted with the world of hospitality. Here, it's as proximate ... continue reading

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Letter of Thanksgiving

Recently, a prominent theologian from a seminary was visiting us. When the issue of how we raise money for Casa Juan Diego came up, a Catholic Worker blurted out, “We pray a lot.” “Give me a copy of those prayers. I demand a copy of those prayers,” the theologian humorously insisted. Unfortunately, there is no easy formula for underwriting all the efforts of Casa Juan Diego. We haven’t figured out how it all happens ourselves. In God’s providence it just happens from year to year ... continue reading

Regarding Policies of Return: Returning the Women and Children To the Boat to Drown

Traditionally, when passenger ships sailed on open waters, an emergency on the ship could mean doom.  People would be ushered to life rafts and in the colonial days, boats were often stuffed full of more people than could be accommodated on the small life rafts.  The cry would go out for women and children to move to safety first.  They were seen as the most vulnerable and the most important to protect.Imagine if a captain called back those lifeboats, ushered the women and children back onto ... continue reading

Bishops Call For an End To Deportations of Mothers and Children

WASHINGTON-USCCB-- In light of recent enforcement actions conducted by the Department of Homeland Security for the purpose of deporting individuals, primarily mothers with children, the bishops who chair the U.S. bishops' Committee on Migration and the Catholic Legal Immigration Network called for an end to such practices.

[18 thousand mothers with children are at risk of deportation.] In a letter sent to Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security, January 11, Bishop Eusebio Elizondo, ... continue reading

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