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Christmas Letter and Appeal

Washing of the Feet by Fritz Eichenberg

Dear Friends,

The joy of Christmas comes as a great gift, breaking into the despair and sadness that surrounds us and others in many parts of the world.

The joy of Christmas brings us into the Spirit of giving, which allows us to give rather than receive, whether it means giving one’s gift or one’s life.

For a brief time during this season we become a nation of givers, realizing that it is better to give rather than receive. For a time we are go-givers, not go-getters.

At Casa Juan Diego we attempt to celebrate Christmas the year around, but we are tremendously challenged by the many who come to us with no one to help them. Among the biggest problems is serving those who are sick and injured and homeless. There is no room in the Inn and no place to go for the seriously ill or injured, often paralyzed, who have no disability funding.

In addition to those who have no home and stay in our Houses of Hospitality, we are challenged by the care needed by close to 100 people who are very ill. Some of their families desperately need help. Some have no family, no housing and nowhere to go.

Casa Juan Diego is blessed to be able to serve the many hungry who come to us, with the help of parishes and the Food Bank.

Akin to the service of the seriously ill and injured are the many who come to our two medical clinics – one at Rose Street and the other at Casa Maria, our satellite – served by generous professional people and other volunteers. Imagine how many diabetics have been saved from amputation or blindness, thanks to good medical care, how many strokes have been prevented by treatment of high blood pressure, how many infections have been treated.

Some say we are losers with the poor. But our Holy Bible, in the song of Mary the mother of Jesus, tells us that the Lord loves the poor and lifts up the lowly.

Each gift given by those who help to keep Casa Juan Diego going is a participation in God’s healing love for the poor.

We survive thanks to generous people. We hope that you can be generous to Casa Juan Diego. All of the generosity will go to the poor. There are no salaries at Casa Juan Diego. We also need your prayers.

Mark and Louise Zwick and all at Casa Juan Diego

P. S. If you are able to make a contribution to the work, a check can be mailed to Casa Juan Diego, P. O. Box 70113, Houston, TX 77270