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Urgent Needs

At Casa Juan Diego we are in immediate need of new hooded sweatshirts for men to give as Christmas presents.

Christmas Letter 2014

Dear Friends of Casa Juan Diego, It is hard to celebrate Christmas in these times of conflict and violence. There is the terror of guns and arms, but also the terror of poverty impacting families worldwide. But celebrate we must: celebrate the coming of the Prince of Peace, whose first message came from the stable… continue reading

Christmas Letter 2013

Dear Friends, The spirit of Christmas – Jesus being born poor in a stable – is an indomitable force, despite the efforts of consumerism. The poor tell us “that God chose his Son to be born like the rest of us so that we can realize that we are important.” But Jesus and Christmas belong… continue reading

Volunteer Opportunities

How You Can Help: Full-time Catholic Workers  – Live and work at Casa Juan Diego. Assist Catholic Workers on a half-day weekend shift Volunteer doctors and dentists needed for our clinic. Assistants need to help organize charts. Help distribute food once a week early Tuesday mornings Assist our master gardener in our organic garden Be… continue reading

Christmas Letter and Appeal

Dear Friends, The joy of Christmas comes as a great gift, breaking into the despair and sadness that surrounds us and others in many parts of the world. The joy of Christmas brings us into the Spirit of giving, which allows us to give rather than receive, whether it means giving one’s gift or one’s… continue reading

New website of the Houston Catholic Worker

On January 29, 2012, celebrating the Feast of Saint Francis de Sales (patron saint of journalists), Casa Juan Diego, the Houston Catholic Worker launched a redesign of its website in both English and Spanish. The links to the site are: English: https://cjdengp.wpengine.com. Español: http://spanish.cjd.org. Along with the new design, the site now provides search capabilities… continue reading