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Christmas Letter 2014

Migrants follow the refugee Holy Family
by Angel Valdez

Dear Friends of Casa Juan Diego,

It is hard to celebrate Christmas in these times of conflict and violence. There is the terror of guns and arms, but also the terror of poverty impacting families worldwide.

But celebrate we must: celebrate the coming of the Prince of Peace, whose first message came from the stable in Bethlehem. Besides announcing the Good News that God became one of us that we may become as God, Bethlehem also announces the importance of a Stable people.

Because there is no room in the Inn, the Stable people of the world, trying to escape the terror of poverty and violence, come to us at Casa Juan Diego.

Since we are to be like God – and God is a go-giver rather than a go-getter – we must respond to the poor to be faithful followers of the Nazarene and not de-stabilize God’s plan.

We thank you for allowing the miracle of Casa Juan Diego to go on for another year. With your help we bring peace to many suffering and marginalized people who live with us each night or who have no other help when they are very ill or injured.

We also try to guarantee that any hungry Houston family who does not live at Casa Juan Diego will have basic foods and do not go hungry. We distribute tons of food to the hungry each month.

Doctors, dentists who volunteer at the Casa Juan Diego and Casa Maria clinics make a great contribution to the undocumented poor who cannot afford medical care.

We are a post office, travel agent, check casher, doctor, lawyer, labor pool, English teacher, mail service, mother, father, brother, sister and psychologist to many people.

The homeless, the hungry, the naked, the sick, the powerless turn to us constantly, so now we must turn to you and ask your help so that the Works of Mercy to the poorest can continue.

Your Christmas gift will go directly to the service of the poor, as there are no salaries at Casa Juan Diego.

We wish for you a good Christmas, one that was worth the Advent waiting, one that gives meaning to your life and to those you love. We send our love, our prayers and our gratitude.

The peace of Christmas be with you.


Mark and Louise Zwick