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New Biography of Peter Maurin in French

Jean Francois Salles, Peter Maurin l’appelait la Green Revolution (Mende, France : L’ours de granit 2021. https://www.loursdegranit.fr. Reviewed by Allison Clifton             When Jean-François Salles, a photographer in Lozère in southern France, met an American Catholic Worker looking for traces of Peter Maurin in the region, he knew little about the man they were seeking. For… continue reading

The Journey of a Congolese Family to Casa Juan Diego

The family was interviewed and their story retold here by Allison Clifton, who often translates for us from French to English when we have new African guests. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Recently, Casa Juan Diego has received a number of families from the Democratic Republic of Congo and other African… continue reading