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The Eyes of Faith

Hans Urs von Balthasar references the idea of the Eyes of Faith from Pierre Rousselot. Below is a slightly adapted reflection on the Eyes of Faith from the Houston Catholic Worker, February 2, 1995. Faith changes things, and hopefully, it changes us so that we can see with the Eyes of Faith. With faith we… continue reading

Vintage Mark Zwick and the Catholic Worker

During the first 20+ years of the Houston Catholic Workernewspaper, we regularly ran a column entitled “The Pilgrimage Continues in Houston.”  Written by Mark Zwick or by Mark and Louise Zwick together, it was inspired by Dorothy Day’s famous column “On Pilgrimage” and it offered a glimpse of life at Casa Juan Diego.  In it,… continue reading

We are worried!

We fear that the emphasis in our newspaper on the oppression in El Salvador and Guatemala [and now in Honduras, Nicaragua, Venezuela, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Yemen, and so many other countries] would give the impression that we have  a base or foundation other than spiritual. We want you to know that we… continue reading

Saints and Non-Saints: “To Do” Or “To Be,” That Is the Question

by Mark Zwick   This article was first published in Our Sunday Visitor in the 1990’s. The pastor of a nearby parish really got our attention recently in his Sunday sermon. He said that we emphasize “doing” too and neglect “being.” “Be!” he stated strongly, not “do.” We felt guilty and resolved to concentrate more… continue reading

Do You Really See the Face of Jesus in the Poor At the Houston Catholic Worker?

This article was first published in the Houston Catholic Worker in February 1986. It was a beautiful day with the early morning sun streaming through the stained glass windows and glancing off the faces of the packed congregation. Everything and everybody seemed so bright and shiny. Even I felt that way, used clothing and all…. continue reading

Why Are We Called Catholic Worker? On the Origins of the Catholic Worker Movement

The Houston Catholic Worker is rejected by some because of its name. Some reject it because of the word “Catholic.” Others because of the word “Worker”. Others say they would never pick up a paper with such a name. The word “Houston” is not a problem: the paper is written for the people of Texas… continue reading

The Pilgrimage Continues in Houston in 1981

Dorothy Day has died. However, her spirit is alive and well; its presence was recently felt in Houston. The Houston Catholic Worker has opened its doors. Her work goes on, maybe not in the perfect spirit of the New York Catholic Worker, but hopefully in the same spirit. She no longer writes her column, “On… continue reading