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Dorothy Day, The World Will Be Saved By Beauty, and Notre Dame Cathedral

Killeen spent eight weeks last year as a part of the Summer Service Learning Program of the University of Notre Dame Individuals, corporations, and even educational institutions like the University of Notre Dame have collectively donated over $1 billion toward the reconstruction of the Cathedral in the days following the tragic fire at Notre-Dame in… continue reading

Who Needs Christmas?

Many wish someone would do something about Christmas. The feast is a national pastime which often has little to do with the meaning of the word Christmas or its origins. Beginning preparations for buying things have just about moved back to the fourth of July. Some feel we need a new independence day to declare… continue reading

Homily of Archbishop Gómez at Closing Mass of the V Encuentro: You Are the Spiritual Heirs of Juan Diego.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ: Our Gospel reading today begins with these words: “Jesus and his disciples left from there and began a journey.” This is our story, yours and mine. This is the story of the Church. We are his disciples. That means that at some point in our lives, each one… continue reading

Saint Oscar Romero, a Doctor of the Church?

At Casa Juan Diego we received with great joy the news from the Vatican that Blessed Oscar Rome will be canonized on October 14, 2018 in Rome, alongside Pope Paul VI, who gave Monseñor Romero unconditional support in a difficult time in El Salvador. In 2015 when Archbishop Romero was beatified, Pope Francis declared him… continue reading

Living the Gospel in a Secular Society

It often seems challenging or almost impossible to live out the Sermon on the Mount. Implementing it even in small ways often involves creative thinking outside of the usual patterns of thought as well as discernment about what is happening in our world. A friend recently told us that she went to her parish to… continue reading

The Incarnation Brings God’s Prodigal Mercy to the Peripheries

Several years ago a priest visited us at Casa Juan Diego and noticed our book, Mercy Without Borders newly published by Paulist Press. When he asked where it was available, someone told him, through amazon.com. The priest laughed and laughed, saying how funny that was—our being down here hidden away with the poor and our… continue reading

New Pastoral Letter From San Salvador: I See Violence and Strife In the City

El Salvador is again overwhelmed with violence. At Casa Juan Diego we are very aware of the critical situation for Salvadorans because of the refugees who come to our doors and tell us their stories. In response to a crisis situation in which the death toll from homicides is one of the highest in the… continue reading

A Voice Crying Out In the Desert

Mark, a Catholic Worker at Casa Juan Diego, graduated from Texas A & M University. I come from a family of migrant workers. My grandparents would travel from the Texas border to Wisconsin, Montana and Wyoming during the summer months to work in the fields and work as laborers. My parents would also go up… continue reading

The Poor Are the Wealth Of the Church

One of the most interesting stories of martyrdom in the early Church is that of St. Lawrence. Lawrence was a deacon in Rome in the year 258.  Pope Sixtus ll put him in charge of the treasury of the Church. Lawrence suspected that the Roman emperor would be looking for anything of value in the… continue reading

Blessed Oscar Romero on Christmas

Excerpts from the Homily for the Second Sunday of Advent on the fourth of December of 1977: “Christ, the Center and the End Of All Human History.” A Calling For Christmas Regarding Christmas, beloved brothers and sisters, I want take as a guide, and propose to you all, an initiative of the Diocese of Santiago… continue reading