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Father Alejandro Solalinde Guerra Coming to Casa Juan Diego

Father Alejandro Solalinde Guerra is well-known in Mexico for his work with migrants and for courageously withstanding many threats of violence as a result. When Houston Boy Scout Inti Chavarria completed his Eagle Scout Project (a playground for the children living at Casa Juan Diego), he decided to invite Fr. Solalinde to his Court of… continue reading

A Well-Founded Fear of Persecution: Cruel Setback for Asylum Seeker

  Every day at Casa Juan Diego we encounter a world economic system that is out of balance. On one hand, we live in one of the world’s most affluent cities in one of the world’s most affluent nations. It is hard not to notice that many people in Houston, including us Catholic Workers, have… continue reading

Migrations #1 In Memoriam José Angel Alfano Solana

We crossed over the border I won’t say how and what can I say of freezing desert nights black sky blazing stars then searing, burning sun tearing into flesh relentless, relentless the walking, and fear then……..running, running as sand clouds appear against the far sky running, running—-and then I lost you and Juan and the… continue reading

Why Are We Deporting Thousands Of Children Alone?

We wrote in the last issue about the Central American children who come to the United States alone and the mothers with children who are escaping imminent death in their countries but are the first to be deported when they arrive. Now the news is even worse. The Department of Security is sending deportation officers… continue reading

Regarding Policies of Return: Returning the Women and Children To the Boat to Drown

Traditionally, when passenger ships sailed on open waters, an emergency on the ship could mean doom.  People would be ushered to life rafts and in the colonial days, boats were often stuffed full of more people than could be accommodated on the small life rafts.  The cry would go out for women and children to… continue reading

Bishops Call For an End To Deportations of Mothers and Children

WASHINGTON-USCCB– In light of recent enforcement actions conducted by the Department of Homeland Security for the purpose of deporting individuals, primarily mothers with children, the bishops who chair the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Migration and the Catholic Legal Immigration Network called for an end to such practices.

[18 thousand mothers with children are at risk of… continue reading

Class-Action Lawsuit: Immigrants Held for Days in Freezing, Unsanitary Cells

Tucson Sector Border Patrol holds men, women, and children in freezing, overcrowded, and filthy cells for extended periods of time in violation of the U.S. Constitution, a group of legal organizations allege in a class-action lawsuit. The class-action suit, which was filed on behalf of two people detained in the Tucson Border Patrol Station as… continue reading

Migrant Abuse, Family Separation 
During Deportations

  (Washington, D.C., September 15, 2015 – Jesuit Conference) — As Pope Francis stated in his message for the 2014 World Day of Migrants and Refugees, “Migrants and refugees are not pawns on the chessboard of humanity.” A new study released today finds, however, that U.S. Customs and Border Protection is not fulfilling its obligation… continue reading

On Being a Migrant

King is a student at the Univ. of Notre Dame. He spent eight weeks at Casa Juan Diego this summer. One fateful day on September 18th 2002, I – King Fok – and my family of five left our apartment in Hong Kong and settled into a small suburban home right outside of Portland, Oregon…. continue reading

Court Rules Against Detaining Mothers and Children, But What About the Fathers?

  On Friday July 24th 2015, Federal Judge Dolly Gee of California ruled that the “deplorable conditions” in several detention centers in Texas that house women and children violate the minimum legal requirements for institutions that house children. She declared that the families should be released as soon as possible. She gave the Obama administration… continue reading