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God will say, “Where are the Others?”: Stories of Finding Relatives and Friends at Casa Juan Diego

Dorothy Day wrote in the “Aims and Purposes of the Catholic Worker Movement,” (published in 1940 in The Catholic Worker) : “We cannot live alone. We cannot go to Heaven alone. Otherwise, as Péguy said, God will say to us, ‘Where are the others?’” This can be understood on several levels. For Péguy and Dorothy and… continue reading

We Almost Suffocated in the Trailer with the Others in Victoria, Texas after a Terrible Journey from El Salvador

When so many people died in the trailer bringing immigrants from Laredo to Victoria, Texas, the Honduran Consulate called Casa Juan Diego to ask if we could receive the Honduran survivors if the Immigration and Naturalization Service would release them. We said yes. It was reported in the media that possibly we would receive them,… continue reading

Catalina’s Amazing Journey from the Maquiladora to the Rio Grande to Houston

I’m Honduran. I love my country, but it was time for me to leave. Why? There is no work. They closed the factory where I was working, leaving a great number of us without jobs. Even though we worked from 7am to 5pm, they gave us only 40 minutes to eat lunch. We had to… continue reading

Poverty of Family Forces Guest of Houston Catholic Worker to Immigrate

We reached the river at midday. For hours beforehand we had walked through the mountain without speaking, careful to avoid Mexican authorities. Arriving at the shore, we uncovered a small boat, dropped in what belongings we had and began to paddle. In ten minutes time we crossed to the other side, beginning another leg of… continue reading

How I Came from Honduras to Casa Juan Diego

I am a Honduran. I want to tell you all that for me it was hard to leave my home and my family. The saddest time was when I said goodbye to my mother. She was weeping, because she has an idea of how people suffer who decide to take this road. I left Tegucigalpa… continue reading

An Immigrant from Honduras and the Story of His Journey

When I left, beginning my journey toward the American Dream, I knew I would have to leave my wife and children. They are what I love most on this earth, but it was necessary because of economic problems in my country. Here is my story. When I left my home in Honduras it was Thursday,… continue reading

Immigrant Plans and Dreams Turn into Tragedy

Noe speaks… A very large debt that we took upon ourselves, with the dream of buying our own taxi in order to make a living, was what obliged my wife and myself to make the decision that I would come to the United States with the hope of getting out of debt. Upon my return… continue reading


I remember that it was a Thursday when it began to drizzle. At that moment we heard over the radio that a very powerful hurricane was approaching. The media were alerting the people to take refuge in the provisionally designated shelters, but, unfortunately, we didn’t pay them much heed. We never imagined the magnitude of… continue reading

Serving Christ in the Poor: Andrés Reyes Gonzalez, R. I. P.

This past month a fisherman passed from this earth into the hands of our merciful and just Lord. Andrés was invited to Casa Juan Diego by the Sisters of the Incarnate Word in Galveston this past September. He arrived already quite thin, ravaged by the consuming gastric cancer. His diagnosis was terminal. Still, he held… continue reading


Juan José, a Latin American teenage immigrant being held in the INS Detention Center in Houston, wept as he told his story. For all of his life, he had fulfilled the promise he made to his mother of saying three Hail Mary’s each night for purity, only to lose his virginity to some 49-year-old criminal… continue reading