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At Casa Juan Diego Finding Lost Migrants

When people tell us that their families were separated at the border, they hope against hope that we will be able to help them find their loved ones. What a challenge as we receive many families and individuals from ICE. We all rejoiced a few months ago when we were able to find a 19-year-old… continue reading

The Crisis of Climate Displaced People: Two Reports to Guide Us

This article was just quoted in the Brookings Register of South Dakota in an article by Carl Kline entitled, “It’s Time to Act on Climate Change.” https://brookingsregister.com/article/its-time-to-act-on-climate-change When hurricanes Iota and Eta devastated Honduras and parts of Guatemala last year, causing massive flooding and rain and the loss of places to live and many livelihoods, Central… continue reading

Moderna vaccines at Casa Juan Diego

  COVID-19 VACCINES CASA JUAN DIEGO 4811 Lillian Houston, TX 77007 Tuesday June 22, 2021 Tuesday July 20, 2021 8am – 12pm Social Distancing & Masks Required                     VACUNAS Contra el COVID-19 CASA JUAN DIEGO 4811 Lillian Houston, TX 77007 martes 22 de junio del 2021 martes… continue reading

The Gospel and Living Catholic Tradition

The Second Vatican Council asks us to read the signs of the times and interpret them in the light of the Gospel. In seeking to do that, we have been trying to make sense of the divisions in our country and our Church, of so much violence, of threats to our climate and the earth,… continue reading

PROGRAM ON HOLD: Peter Maurin’s Agricultural Ideal: Now There is Help for Minority Farmers

This is what Black farmers feared when they heard the good news: U.S. Farmers Of Color Were About To Get Loan Forgiveness. Now The Program Is On Hold https://www.npr.org/2021/06/11/1005560226/u-s-farmers-of-color-were-about-to-get-loan-forgiveness-now-the-program-is-on-ho     A key part of Peter Maurin’s practical program for implementing Catholic tradition was family or community farms. In the U.S., smaller farms have been… continue reading

Immigrants at the Border and at Casa Juan Diego

In February ICE started calling Casa Juan Diego each day asking about how many beds we have available for families. They had been expecting a growing number of families for whom they would need to find shelter, as family detention centers  closed and alternative plans made. The situation at the border has been changing daily… continue reading

How to Find the Children

A good starting point for parents seeking to find their children who have crossed the border alone is the Office of Refugee Resettlement National Call Center: 800 203-7001. WhatsApp also 800 203-7001.

A Catholic Place and You Don’t Have a Couple of Miracles at Hand? Well, maybe.

  Not so long ago, we received a call from a hospital in southwest Houston. When the social worker said, I need a miracle, we responded, “We don’t do miracles.” Shocked, she exclaimed: “What, a Catholic place, and you don’t have one or two miracles on hand?”  Well, what is it that you need? “We… continue reading

A Christmas Letter

Dear Friends of Casa Juan Diego, Casa Juan Diego is forty years old. We wish to thank you for forty years of generosity. The history of Casa Juan Diego is the history of your generosity, a history of Christmas generosity. We can do much at the Houston Catholic Worker because of you. In addition to… continue reading

Casa Juan Diego and the Incarnation In Time of Crisis

The question comes to us each day: How to live the joy of the Incarnation of the eternal Word longed for and anticipated for so many centuries and a reality in our world even now, in the midst of the changes in our lives during this past year and the suffering of so many? Catholic… continue reading