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The Real Presence(s) of Christ in the Life and Thought of Dorothy Day, Key to Her Canonization

Tom Loome and his wife, Karen, are founding members of the Stillwater Catholic Worker in Minnesota. For many years, Tom had the largest and best scholarly Catholic bookstore in the United States. Dorothy Day (1897-1980), founder of the Catholic Worker movement, and known for her personal identification with the poor and dispossessed through the practice… continue reading

Miracle After Prayers to Dorothy Inspires New Convert: My Long, Circuitous Journey into Catholicism

At Casa Juan Diego we all rejoiced when we learned that Sarah Maple’s aggressive brain cancer had been cured through prayers to Dorothy Day. This past Easter, Sarah came into the Catholic Church. When she received the sacrament of Confirmation, she chose Dorothy as her confirmation name (there are several saint Dorothy’s). This is her… continue reading

Habemus Papam – We Have a New Pope Francis – What Does This Mean For the Catholic Worker?

 Not only do we have a new Pope, we have a new, new Pope. Everything about him is unique. He is the first non-European Pope since the 8th century. He is the first Jesuit Pope Even more significantly, however – he is the first Pope Francis. The very first thing the new Pope did was… continue reading

“Take Away My Heart Of Stone and Give Me a Heart Of Flesh”

I picked up Thomas Merton’s last book, Contemplative Prayer, which I am starting to read, and the foreword by our good Quaker friend Douglas Steere brought back to my memory a strange incident in my life. He quotes William Blake: “We are put on earth for a little space that we may learn to bear… continue reading

Pope Benedict XVI Praises Dorothy Day

    In one of his last general audiences before leaving his Petrine ministry (February 13, 2013), Pope Benedict XVI spoke about how difficult it often is to live one’s faith in God in the midst of modern secular society, as it has been in other periods of history. He emphasized the great conversions that… continue reading

What the New York Times Did Not Say About the Sainthood of Dorothy Day

Marquette University Archives The recent article on the front page of the New York Times about Dorothy Day’s canonization precipitated a lot of interest and a flurry of articles in other publications. Unfortunately, the editors of the New York Times, to the best of our knowledge, are not Catholic Workers, and the article confirmed that…. continue reading

A Mother’s Commitment: Inspired by Dorothy Day and a Hurting Mother

  A mother’s path of selfless loving and caring for others could lead to true spiritual heights, Dorothy Day observed in her journal in 1948. She was staying in the West Virginia farm house of her daughter Tamar, who was expecting her third child. Dorothy had come to help care for the house and her… continue reading

Book Review: Saved By Beauty: A Spiritual Journey with Dorothy Day

Saved by Beauty: A Spiritual Journey with Dorothy Day by Michael O’Neill McGrath. World Library Publications, the Music and Liturgy Division of the J. S. Paluch Company, 2012. Brother Michael O’Neill McGrath, artist and Oblate of St. Francis de Sales, has just published a book entitled with the famous saying from Dostoevsky frequently quoted by… continue reading

Dorothy Day’s Southern Roots: Dr. Sam Houston Day of Cleveland, Tennessee

Dorothy Day begins The Long Loneliness with a section entitled “The Generations Before” which relates that her father, John Day, came from Tennessee while her mother came from an Upstate New York family.[1] [She writes there about her paternal grandparents, that her grandmother, Mary Mee married Dr. Sam Houston Day of Cleveland, Tennessee, who was… continue reading

What Dorothy Day Has Meant To Me

By Dawn McCarty, Ph.D., LMSW Almost every day I hear and read about the problems caused by undocumented workers. They take our jobs, overcrowd our social services, take away resources from our children and get away with breaking the law with complete abandon! You would think they are some powerful alien group who threaten the… continue reading