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NewspaperDorothy Day's Pilgrimage Continues at Casa Juan Diego

Stepping Out Of the Boat At Casa Juan Diego

by Angel Valdez

Joanna was a Catholic Worker at Casa Juan Diego last year. She has recently joined the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles. My time as an active Catholic Worker at Casa Juan Diego drew to a close in the middle of May, and I had a speech to prepare. It’s a… continue reading

Personalism in Our Daily Lives

by Angel Valdez

Joanna, a graduate of Wyoming Catholic College, is a Catholic Worker at Casa Juan Diego. I came to Casa Juan Diego some months ago, and as I made the long drive from home down to Houston, Texas, I began to wonder more and more as the wheels of the car brought me closer and closer… continue reading

Christmas All Year Long at Casa Juan Diego

As I finished my seventh Christmas season at Casa Juan Diego, I was amazed, just as I am amazed every year, by the generosity of our supporting community. The people of Houston give their money and their time open-handedly to keep our doors open and our pantry full, not just at Christmas, but throughout the… continue reading

From the Inside Of the Inn Door

Mustard Seed - Angel Valdez

Shannon McPherson came to join in the work of Casa Juan Diego from the Bruderhof Community There’s one character in the Christmas story who really dropped the ball. The inn keeper of Bethlehem had this incredible opportunity to show hospitality to the baby son of God, and he shut the door on him. I, however,… continue reading

Letter of Thanksgiving

Jesus - Casa Juan Diego -Angel Valdez

Recently, a prominent theologian from a seminary was visiting us. When the issue of how we raise money for Casa Juan Diego came up, a Catholic Worker blurted out, “We pray a lot.” “Give me a copy of those prayers. I demand a copy of those prayers,” the theologian humorously insisted. Unfortunately, there is no… continue reading

Casa Juan Diego Christmas Letter 2015

The Holy Family Fled To Egypt
         by Angel Valdez

    Dear Friends of Casa Juan Diego, Many thanks for allowing us to remain open for another year. We are grateful. We keep hearing that you can tell a good Catholic by the way they love the poor (or a good Presbyterian or a good Jewish person). The “goods” keep us going. But it… continue reading

Christ’s Presence Illumines Sorrows and Joys at the Houston Catholic Worker


Kathleen is a student at the Univ. of Notre Dame. She spent eight weeks at Casa Juan Diego this summer. The last of the women had just gone upstairs after coming down for a nighttime glass of water, and it was finally quiet. I shut off the kitchen lights, checked the lock on the back… continue reading

The Catholic Worker Today: Q & A with Mark and Louise Zwick in America Magazine

America Magazine Sean Salai, S.J. Mark and Louise Zwick are the founding directors of Houston Catholic Worker in Texas, a local affiliate of the Catholic Worker movement founded in New York City by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin in 1933. In 1980 they rented a building where they started Casa Juan Diego mission to provide emergency food, clothing… continue reading

Catholic Worker Personalism And the Sick and Injured

by Angel Valdez

One of the ideas at the heart of the Catholic Worker movement is communitarian personalism. Combined with the traditional living out of the Works of Mercy, Catholic Worker personalism provides a unique opportunity for serving some of the most desperate in our society – those on the peripheries, those who have no one else to… continue reading

Thanksgiving Letter 2015

Loaves and Fishes
    by Rita Corbin

We hoped for a response from our Christmas letter of appeal for approval for another year at Casa Juan Diego. Our readers voted a resounding “yes.” You responded positively and generously, getting us off to a good start in 2015. Thanksgiving gets short shrift, not only in our acquisitive culture, but  in non-acquisitive Casa Juan… continue reading